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EV Charging

Recharge for less with an EV Charging port

Own an electric vehicle?  Then you could save yourself time and money by installing an EV charge point. 


A dedicated charging point is the safest and fastest way to charge your electric vehicle. You can use a standard three-pin plug, but with a dedicated charge point you’ll be able to power up much quicker, meaning you can plug in overnight and be fully charged by the morning. 


And with the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles currently offering a number of grant schemes, potentially covering up to 75% of the cost, now is the time to get one. 

Electric Car Charging Station
Solar Panels on Roof

Here at Solar Solar Limited, we install quality Solar Edge products. Their EV charging ports are:

  • Compatible with all EV models

  • Support single and three-phase installations

  • Can be installed indoors or outside

  • Can be controlled via their app

  • Come with a 3 year guarantee. 


And when installed as part of a full PV installation, they can run off battery storage, allowing you to maximise usage of the energy your panels are creating (see the benefits of battery storage).

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