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Will installing a battery save you money?

This depends on your household’s consumption, but for the average UK family household - yes, a battery is a good long-term investment. 


No surprises, energy companies charge you a lot more to buy energy from them than they pay you for any energy you export back to the grid, so storing it to use later makes financial sense. 


And here at Solar Solar Limited, we recommend a SolarEdge battery which comes with a standard 12 year guarantee*, so once installed, the maintenance costs are minimal.


There are other benefits too:
  • Energy independence - no need to worry about unexpected power cuts anymore

  • Price stability - you’ll no longer be affected by price hikes

  • Reduce your carbon footprint - you know all the energy you are consuming comes from a renewable energy source


Can I still sell energy back to the grid?

Yes. If you find you are creating more energy than you’re using you can still sell it back to the grid under the UK government's Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) scheme. 


How much energy can I store?

This depends on which battery you choose. SolarEdge provides a number of options so you can choose one which best meets your needs in line with your energy consumption.


So what are the options? 

Contact us on 07482611826 or email and we will be happy to run through the options with you based on your average yearly energy consumption and optimal PV install setup. 

* Correct at time of publishing. Offered by the supplier and subject to change as per


Get in touch to find out more about the power of solar power and how it can help you save money.

07482 611 826

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