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Solar PV installation 

Welcome to Solar Solar Limited. We offer complete domestic and commercial solar panel installation, design and maintenance services across Kent, London, Surrey, Essex and the rest of the South East.

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Why rely entirely on the National Grid when you can choose the power of the sun? Here at Solar Solar in Kent, we install and maintain high-quality solar panels – or photovoltaic (PV) panels as they are known – so that you can enjoy an eco-friendlier lifestyle, reduce your impact on the environment and save on your energy bills.


With over 40 years experience, we prioritise customer care and tailor our design to suit your needs. Our electricians are all MCS qualified, we're an approved MCS Contractor, and we are members of the RECC. 

Our services

Bryan, Meopham

"From start to finish, kept well informed about the process of solar panels and how they work.
The scaffolding went up/down with no mess or hassle, the panels were installed in two days, front and back. System was commissioned and tested, to my satisfaction. Then the bird protection was added and then scaffolding taken down. Very pleased with the results so far (sunniest days of the year) hope it stays like that."


Get in touch to find out more about the power of solar power and how it can help you save money.


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